So I’ve been going through the Instant Office Cleaning Kit, and I’ve come to realize that this is not just a “how to” type program. What I mean is that most programs will explain just enough, so they don’t give away their money making secrets.  They get you hooked, and then they try to sell you something else – the actual “secret”, or missing piece of the puzzle.  Sam Rodman does not do this.  His office cleaning program is all inclusive.

The Instant Office Cleaning Kit is just that, a kit.  The Oxford dictionary gives this definition, “a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.”  Well, with Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit, that’s exactly what you have in your hands when you get it.  You have the equipment and information you need, for your purpose, which is to start your own profitable office cleaning business.

Rodman tells you, step by step, what you have to do, to find the businesses that need your office cleaning services.  He gives you the forms to send to the prospective office manager or business owner.  He tells you how to bid the cleaning job based on the square footage of the office, and he tells you what equipment you need, and how to go about getting these offices cleaned fast.

The forms that you get in the Instant Office Cleaning Kit Include:

  • A sample bill (so you can get paid)
  • An introduction letter (tells the prospect about your company, what you do)
  • A professional service agreement (the contract between you and the office manager – what services you will perform)
  • A price quote (how much you will get paid, and what you’ll do)
  • Bid and follow letter (a follow-up letter to a prospect)
  • Reminder letter (just that, to keep your cleaning company in their minds for future needs)

These are all the documents you must have to contact, and follow-up with, your local office managers, and get their business.  The only thing that Sam Rodman doesn’t do is come to your home, get you out of bed, and hold your hand through the whole process.

Anthony Robbins, the motivational speaker/coach, once said that it’s amazing what people can do, but what they will do is a different story If you follow what’s outlined in the Instant Office Cleaning Kit, you will do well; and you will be successful.

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