Would you trade a few bucks for $50,000?   That’s pretty much what it boils down to with the Instant Office Cleaning Kit.

Even if you don’t get started right away, you can still read and understand the information easily.  Then, there’s no reason at all that you shouldn’t have your first account within a month.

This is my review of  Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit, so that means you’re in the right place, at the right time. Congratulations!!!

This is a review site: Click here to visit Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit Official Website

Here’s the bottom line… With the Instant Office Cleaning Kit you’ll be on your way to making a full time income, with your very own small business, within a week!  And that’s a full time income just working part time.

If you read my first post, I mentioned that my aunt and mom used to clean offices for a living.  I also mentioned that my aunt, who actually owned the business always seemed to be rolling in dough.  Nice home, frequent parties, and they never wanted for anything.

How was she able to do this?  It’s because she owned, and ran, her very own office cleaning business.

I review products for a living, and I just want to say something.  This is the most exciting product I’ve seen in long time, because it works!

Sam Rodman practically holds your hand through the whole process of finding offices to clean. He gives you what you need to write the bids, follow up, and build your own small business.

Imagine this, and this is a FACT… If you buy the Instant Office Cleaning Kit, and follow the instructions outlined in the program, you WILL succeed at owning and running your very own office cleaning service. Everyone’s dream, a small, profitable business WILL be yours.

I’m normally not that bold, but this time I am.  I want you to succeed.

The Instant Office Cleaning Kit has everything you need. Sam Rodman tells you the dos and don’ts of how to start an office cleaning business, and how to keep it running.

Rodman says it’s best if you stick to small offices, but the sky’s the limit.  You can keep your office cleaning company small enough so that you can do all the work yourself and keep all the profit, or you can expand to the point where you have to hire employees to do the work.

As crazy as it sounds, this office cleaning kit is so good, that I’ve decided to add an office cleaning company as one of my businesses.


Click here to visit Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit Official Website


Now for the programs negative points:

Like I said, the Instant Office Cleaning Kit is great.  You get  everything you need to get your cleaning company started and keep it going.  But, if I had one negative to mention, it’s the fact that there aren’t any illustrations.

Pictures of an office that needs cleaning and exactly how and where it should be cleaned, would be a great help.  Maybe some before and after type pictures.

Hey, I’m a visual learner, I can’t help it.

Rodman does explain this using words though, so I’m sure that you can figure it out on your own.  It’s not too challenging.


My final comments:

The economy stinks right now.  Gas prices are over $4 per gallon, real estate is in the tank, and the unemployment rate is ridiculously high.

But guess what…


There are offices, small and large, all around you, that need to be cleaned.  And you can make lots of money filling that need.

If you have a job, you can add to your income cleaning these business offices at night.  Or, if you’re looking for work, and you’re hurting for money, this is a great chance for your to get back on your feet… and stay there.


Lastly, here are a couple of testimonials for the program that are very cool:


I just wanted to update you on my progress and let you know I now have monthly earnings in excess of $10,000 dollars! This is only my 3rd year in the office cleaning business.

Christina Lemay
Professional Touch Cleaning, Florida

—————————————–  —-  ——-_____________________________________

Hi Sam, I ordered your kit many years ago and just re-ordered it again because
it’s THAT GOOD.  My husband and I followed the advice you gave and have
been successfully running a small office cleaning company part-time for
the last 5 years now.  Not only was your information right on target but
it was written so plainly and straight-forward that it made it very easy
for newbies like us to follow.

Most Sincerely,

Esther Libenschek
American Office Cleaning


There are more testimonials on Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit Official Website.

This is a great money making opportunity, that you can get started on today. I would love to hear about your success, so please let me know how it goes for you.

All the best,


Click here to visit Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit Official Website


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In the Instant Office Cleaning Kit, Sam Rodman says that a huge part of the office cleaning business, is actually getting the business.

That being said, here are 7 tips, directly from the ebook, for getting your first office cleaning account, and more accounts, if you decide to build a larger cleaning service.

  1. Target office managers – Your effort should be directed toward specific individuals, or it will be a waste of your time.  An office cleaning business is not something the the general public would be interested in, but chances are that the office manager is someone who may need your office cleaning company.
  2. Craigslist – You can get started advertising immediately, and for free, on craigslist.com.
  3. Newspaper ads – You newspaper ad would say something like this:


    (Your company name and phone number)

  5. The 3 Second Test – Rodman says that 1 out of 4 times, when actually meeting with the office manager, this “test” works like a charm.  With this technique, you prove to the office manager that they are wasting their money on their current office cleaning service.
  6. In the lobby area of their office take note of what’s on the walls, picture frames, pictures, framed certificates, paintings and so on.  Then, just take a rag or your fingers and wipe along the top edge of one of these items on the wall.  Do this in front of the office manager or receptionist, and 9 out of 10 times you will find accumulated dust on the surface.  This little demonstration serves to show that their current cleaning service is not dusting like they should be… and they’re paying for it!

  7. Don’t lower your price – When it comes to the office cleaning business, the lowest bidder does not necessarily get the business.  A higher bid separates you from the crowd, and implies that your service is better and you should get the higher price.  Oh yeah, and you’ll make more money too.
  8. Visit potential customers personally – This is a more personable approach even if you are promoting using the mail, people always like to put a face to the letters and/or phone calls that they get.  Doing this conveys friendliness and confidence to the decision maker.
  9. Make the most of your business cards – There is a lot of wasted space on a business card, and you can use this to more effectively market your business.  You can use the back of the card to list your services, add your slogan, or offer a free estimate.

The phone script, sales letter, service agreement and several other methods for getting customers are explained in the kit; however, these 7 tips will get your cleaning business name out there, and help you get your first customer fast.

The tips mentioned above are only part of a list that Rodman gives to help promote your cleaning company, and ultimately get the business.

These valuable tips will get you on your way to starting and growing your office cleaning business.

Small or large, however you see the size of your company being, you’ll benefit from these points, and clean up the profits.

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So I’ve been going through the Instant Office Cleaning Kit, and I’ve come to realize that this is not just a “how to” type program. What I mean is that most programs will explain just enough, so they don’t give away their money making secrets.  They get you hooked, and then they try to sell you something else – the actual “secret”, or missing piece of the puzzle.  Sam Rodman does not do this.  His office cleaning program is all inclusive.

The Instant Office Cleaning Kit is just that, a kit.  The Oxford dictionary gives this definition, “a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.”  Well, with Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit, that’s exactly what you have in your hands when you get it.  You have the equipment and information you need, for your purpose, which is to start your own profitable office cleaning business.

Rodman tells you, step by step, what you have to do, to find the businesses that need your office cleaning services.  He gives you the forms to send to the prospective office manager or business owner.  He tells you how to bid the cleaning job based on the square footage of the office, and he tells you what equipment you need, and how to go about getting these offices cleaned fast.

The forms that you get in the Instant Office Cleaning Kit Include:

  • A sample bill (so you can get paid)
  • An introduction letter (tells the prospect about your company, what you do)
  • A professional service agreement (the contract between you and the office manager – what services you will perform)
  • A price quote (how much you will get paid, and what you’ll do)
  • Bid and follow letter (a follow-up letter to a prospect)
  • Reminder letter (just that, to keep your cleaning company in their minds for future needs)

These are all the documents you must have to contact, and follow-up with, your local office managers, and get their business.  The only thing that Sam Rodman doesn’t do is come to your home, get you out of bed, and hold your hand through the whole process.

Anthony Robbins, the motivational speaker/coach, once said that it’s amazing what people can do, but what they will do is a different story If you follow what’s outlined in the Instant Office Cleaning Kit, you will do well; and you will be successful.

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Like I mentioned in a previous post, my mom and aunt cleaned offices for a living.  At the time I loathed having to help out; I was a teenager after all (sorry mom).  In hindsight though, it wasn’t hard work really, and in Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit, he tells you exactly what you need to get your office cleaning business going.

First, Sam Rodman breaks down the equipment you’ll need to get started.  You won’t have to go out and buy expensive equipment.  In fact, the most money you spend will be on buying a vacuum cleaner if you don’t already have one, and if you do, Rodman suggest having a back up vacuum ready to go, just in case.

Besides the actual cleaning supplies, Rodman gives you tips on how to acquire funds, if you need them, to buy the needed equipment.  This guy thinks of everything!


The Instant Office Cleaning Kit suggested supplies:

  • An upright vacuum cleaner with extra belts, bags (if needed) and a 50 foot extension cord
  • One 26 quart mop bucket with casters (wheels)
  • One mop wringer for the mop bucket
  • One large cotton/rayon blended mop head
  • One commercial mop handle (gripper style)
  • One round, 32 or 44 gallon, commercial trash can with casters
  • One trash caddy, (a tray to hold your spray bottles), or a commercial trash can apron, to hold bottles
  • One broom and dustpan
  • One dust mop and handle for non-carpeted floor areas (faster than a broom on hard surface flooring)
  • One cone style commercial sanitary toilet bowl brush
  • Tree or more 1 quart spray bottles with sprayer tops
  • One case of small trash can liners (24″ x 33″)
  • One case of large (40″ x 48″) trash bags to use in the commercial trash can with the wheels
  • One dozen or more terry cloth rags

There you have it.  We have all used most of the items listed above; therefor, there’s no learning curve.  Your customers just want a clean office, and you can do it.  It’s not rocket surgery.  Next is how Rodman suggest that you approach the actual cleaning of the offices.


The Instant Office Cleaning Kit office cleaning tips:

  • Don’t hop around the offices from one area to another
  • Work in a circular clockwise pattern, starting from the entrance door
  • If you are working with two or more people, assign tasks to each person (know who cleans what)
    • For instance, person one empties the trash cans and dusts, while person two vacuums and cleans the front door


The Instant Office Cleaning Kit routine for each and every office:

  1. Empty the trash cans (only change the liner if needed)
  2. Dust the cleared areas of desks, tops fo file cabinets and shelves only, using a feather duster or rag
  3. Vacuum the carpet
  4. Sweep and mop the non-carpeted floor areas
  5. Clean the bathrooms and refill the paper products
  6. Clean the front door and sweep off the outside entrance area


Well, that’s it.  These offices, according to Rodman can be cleaned very quickly, and I believe that the more you clean these offices, the faster you will be.  My aunt and mom would clean each office in no time, and then they were on to their next account.  The more offices, the more money you will make.

Keep in mind though, that bigger is not necessarily better in the office cleaning business.  The bigger your commercial cleaning business gets, the more you have to be concerned about.  You will have to find good, honest employees and fire poor employees, and you will have to hustle to find more business for yourself, to make more money, as about 50% of your income will be going out to paying your employees.

There you go.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  Again, not difficult, and you can grow your own office cleaning business as big as you want.

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If  you own a brick and mortar business, you also own a lot of expenses in the form of overhead.  You have to pay your employees, pay rent for the the building you occupy, there are equipment costs, inventory costs,  marketing and advertising, and possibly professional services such as an accountant and attorney.  These are just the most basic costs of running a your own brick and mortar type business.

In contrast, Sam Rodman, in his Instant Office Cleaning Kit ebook explains how to start an office cleaning business with little or no money (overhead).

Rodman teaches you how to acquire your own monthly, office cleaning account.  This account will put hundreds of dollars in your pocket every month.  In fact, he teaches you how to earn a full time income from a part time office cleaning business, all with little or no money.

He informs his students that prospective customers don’t care where you run your business from, and that they will never have a reason to stop by the office, eliminating your need for one.  All they want is a clean office to run their business from.  This eliminates the biggest part of your overhead; your rent or lease.

Rodman also suggest starting with small offices, as it’s easy to manage a few office cleaning accounts.  These “small offices” range somewhere between 150 – 10, 000 square feet in size.  And remember, 4 or 5 of these small office accounts can bring in as much as 40 and 50 thousand dollars a year.

Larger offices range between 10,000 to 50,000 square feet, but at this point you may need employees to help clean the offices, and around 50% of your income will be paid to your employees.  Also, when you get to this level, keep in mind that you will have to manage your employees, hire and fire part time employees, and continue to look for more customers in order to make yourself more money.  Rodman suggests that this business model may be more trouble than it’s really worth.

So, in closing, starting a commercial cleaning business of this type is great for your pocket book, and you can start small with little or no money.  This is a really great opportunity.


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Sam Rodman, the author of the Instant Office Cleaning Kit made some very interesting, and inspiring, statements in the introduction section of his ebook.  These statements actually have me considering the possibilities that loom in the office cleaning business.

I say this for a couple of personal reasons.  First off, my mom used to work for my aunt cleaning model homes, and business offices.  She, my mom, got paid by the hour, and although she did everything she could to get ahead, she was always living paycheck to paycheck.

Secondly my aunt, who actually owned the commercial cleaning business, MADE BANK!  She lived in a nice home, that they owned.  I remember going to my aunts for lavish parties that they were constantly throwing.  As a kid you don’t realize what goes into throwing parties like they would throw.  It all comes down to money. In hindsight, I now understand.

There is money to be made in the office cleaning business, I’ve seen it firsthand, and Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit explains how to start your own office cleaning business.  Rodman’s ebook takes you step by step through the entire process.

Below are the most interesting points mentioned in his introduction.  These facts will get you excited about this money making, small business opportunity.

  • “Customers will pay you hundreds of dollars every month, and in many cases, thousands of dollars every month, for what amounts to just a few hours of your time and effort.”
  • You can make $70 or more per hour
  • Cleaning offices once or twice a week can bring in at least $400 – $600
  • One or two accounts that need cleaning 5 evenings each week can bring in 2 to 3 thousand dollars a month
  • The cleaning industry is a 35 billion dollar a year business in the United States
  • 11 billion dollars was on commercial cleaning specifically, and that figure increases yearly
  • You can start your own small business with little or no money
  • You don’t have to have a special license, and there are no exams to take to get started
  • This business model allows you to handle your part time business in the evening hours
  • “You can come and go on your own schedule.”
  • “You’re off work on the weekends”, because most offices are closed on the weekends
  • Working part time can make you a full time income

WOW!  With all these benefits, it’s easy to see that you can “clean up the profits” in the office cleaning business.

Based on my personal experience, and what was indicated in Sam Rodman’s introduction, it looks like this is a one of a kind opportunity for just about anyone who’s lucky enough to have had the chance to hear about the Instant Office Cleaning Kit.

I can’t wait to devour the rest of the kit.  If you’re looking for opportunity in these hard economic times, and you want to know how to start a commercial cleaning business, then brace yourself, because this looks like one of the great ones.

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