In the Instant Office Cleaning Kit, Sam Rodman says that a huge part of the office cleaning business, is actually getting the business.

That being said, here are 7 tips, directly from the ebook, for getting your first office cleaning account, and more accounts, if you decide to build a larger cleaning service.

  1. Target office managers – Your effort should be directed toward specific individuals, or it will be a waste of your time.  An office cleaning business is not something the the general public would be interested in, but chances are that the office manager is someone who may need your office cleaning company.
  2. Craigslist – You can get started advertising immediately, and for free, on
  3. Newspaper ads – You newspaper ad would say something like this:


    (Your company name and phone number)

  5. The 3 Second Test – Rodman says that 1 out of 4 times, when actually meeting with the office manager, this “test” works like a charm.  With this technique, you prove to the office manager that they are wasting their money on their current office cleaning service.
  6. In the lobby area of their office take note of what’s on the walls, picture frames, pictures, framed certificates, paintings and so on.  Then, just take a rag or your fingers and wipe along the top edge of one of these items on the wall.  Do this in front of the office manager or receptionist, and 9 out of 10 times you will find accumulated dust on the surface.  This little demonstration serves to show that their current cleaning service is not dusting like they should be… and they’re paying for it!

  7. Don’t lower your price – When it comes to the office cleaning business, the lowest bidder does not necessarily get the business.  A higher bid separates you from the crowd, and implies that your service is better and you should get the higher price.  Oh yeah, and you’ll make more money too.
  8. Visit potential customers personally – This is a more personable approach even if you are promoting using the mail, people always like to put a face to the letters and/or phone calls that they get.  Doing this conveys friendliness and confidence to the decision maker.
  9. Make the most of your business cards – There is a lot of wasted space on a business card, and you can use this to more effectively market your business.  You can use the back of the card to list your services, add your slogan, or offer a free estimate.

The phone script, sales letter, service agreement and several other methods for getting customers are explained in the kit; however, these 7 tips will get your cleaning business name out there, and help you get your first customer fast.

The tips mentioned above are only part of a list that Rodman gives to help promote your cleaning company, and ultimately get the business.

These valuable tips will get you on your way to starting and growing your office cleaning business.

Small or large, however you see the size of your company being, you’ll benefit from these points, and clean up the profits.

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