Like I mentioned in a previous post, my mom and aunt cleaned offices for a living.  At the time I loathed having to help out; I was a teenager after all (sorry mom).  In hindsight though, it wasn’t hard work really, and in Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit, he tells you exactly what you need to get your office cleaning business going.

First, Sam Rodman breaks down the equipment you’ll need to get started.  You won’t have to go out and buy expensive equipment.  In fact, the most money you spend will be on buying a vacuum cleaner if you don’t already have one, and if you do, Rodman suggest having a back up vacuum ready to go, just in case.

Besides the actual cleaning supplies, Rodman gives you tips on how to acquire funds, if you need them, to buy the needed equipment.  This guy thinks of everything!


The Instant Office Cleaning Kit suggested supplies:

  • An upright vacuum cleaner with extra belts, bags (if needed) and a 50 foot extension cord
  • One 26 quart mop bucket with casters (wheels)
  • One mop wringer for the mop bucket
  • One large cotton/rayon blended mop head
  • One commercial mop handle (gripper style)
  • One round, 32 or 44 gallon, commercial trash can with casters
  • One trash caddy, (a tray to hold your spray bottles), or a commercial trash can apron, to hold bottles
  • One broom and dustpan
  • One dust mop and handle for non-carpeted floor areas (faster than a broom on hard surface flooring)
  • One cone style commercial sanitary toilet bowl brush
  • Tree or more 1 quart spray bottles with sprayer tops
  • One case of small trash can liners (24″ x 33″)
  • One case of large (40″ x 48″) trash bags to use in the commercial trash can with the wheels
  • One dozen or more terry cloth rags

There you have it.  We have all used most of the items listed above; therefor, there’s no learning curve.  Your customers just want a clean office, and you can do it.  It’s not rocket surgery.  Next is how Rodman suggest that you approach the actual cleaning of the offices.


The Instant Office Cleaning Kit office cleaning tips:

  • Don’t hop around the offices from one area to another
  • Work in a circular clockwise pattern, starting from the entrance door
  • If you are working with two or more people, assign tasks to each person (know who cleans what)
    • For instance, person one empties the trash cans and dusts, while person two vacuums and cleans the front door


The Instant Office Cleaning Kit routine for each and every office:

  1. Empty the trash cans (only change the liner if needed)
  2. Dust the cleared areas of desks, tops fo file cabinets and shelves only, using a feather duster or rag
  3. Vacuum the carpet
  4. Sweep and mop the non-carpeted floor areas
  5. Clean the bathrooms and refill the paper products
  6. Clean the front door and sweep off the outside entrance area


Well, that’s it.  These offices, according to Rodman can be cleaned very quickly, and I believe that the more you clean these offices, the faster you will be.  My aunt and mom would clean each office in no time, and then they were on to their next account.  The more offices, the more money you will make.

Keep in mind though, that bigger is not necessarily better in the office cleaning business.  The bigger your commercial cleaning business gets, the more you have to be concerned about.  You will have to find good, honest employees and fire poor employees, and you will have to hustle to find more business for yourself, to make more money, as about 50% of your income will be going out to paying your employees.

There you go.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  Again, not difficult, and you can grow your own office cleaning business as big as you want.

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