Sam Rodman, the author of the Instant Office Cleaning Kit made some very interesting, and inspiring, statements in the introduction section of his ebook.  These statements actually have me considering the possibilities that loom in the office cleaning business.

I say this for a couple of personal reasons.  First off, my mom used to work for my aunt cleaning model homes, and business offices.  She, my mom, got paid by the hour, and although she did everything she could to get ahead, she was always living paycheck to paycheck.

Secondly my aunt, who actually owned the commercial cleaning business, MADE BANK!  She lived in a nice home, that they owned.  I remember going to my aunts for lavish parties that they were constantly throwing.  As a kid you don’t realize what goes into throwing parties like they would throw.  It all comes down to money. In hindsight, I now understand.

There is money to be made in the office cleaning business, I’ve seen it firsthand, and Sam Rodman’s, Instant Office Cleaning Kit explains how to start your own office cleaning business.  Rodman’s ebook takes you step by step through the entire process.

Below are the most interesting points mentioned in his introduction.  These facts will get you excited about this money making, small business opportunity.

  • “Customers will pay you hundreds of dollars every month, and in many cases, thousands of dollars every month, for what amounts to just a few hours of your time and effort.”
  • You can make $70 or more per hour
  • Cleaning offices once or twice a week can bring in at least $400 – $600
  • One or two accounts that need cleaning 5 evenings each week can bring in 2 to 3 thousand dollars a month
  • The cleaning industry is a 35 billion dollar a year business in the United States
  • 11 billion dollars was on commercial cleaning specifically, and that figure increases yearly
  • You can start your own small business with little or no money
  • You don’t have to have a special license, and there are no exams to take to get started
  • This business model allows you to handle your part time business in the evening hours
  • “You can come and go on your own schedule.”
  • “You’re off work on the weekends”, because most offices are closed on the weekends
  • Working part time can make you a full time income

WOW!  With all these benefits, it’s easy to see that you can “clean up the profits” in the office cleaning business.

Based on my personal experience, and what was indicated in Sam Rodman’s introduction, it looks like this is a one of a kind opportunity for just about anyone who’s lucky enough to have had the chance to hear about the Instant Office Cleaning Kit.

I can’t wait to devour the rest of the kit.  If you’re looking for opportunity in these hard economic times, and you want to know how to start a commercial cleaning business, then brace yourself, because this looks like one of the great ones.

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